Kapsch TrafficCom is a globally renowned provider of transportation solutions for sustainable mobility with successful projects in more than 50 countries. Innovative solutions in the application fields of tolling, tolling services, traffic management and demand management contribute to a healthy world without congestion.

With one-stop-shop-solutions, the company covers the entire value chain of customers, from components to design and implementation to the operation of systems.

Kapsch TrafficCom, headquartered in Vienna, has subsidiaries and branches in more than 25 countries and is listed in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: KTCG). In its 2021/22 financial year, 4,220 employees generated revenues of about EUR 520 million.

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Egis is an international player active in the consulting, construction engineering and mobility service sectors. We create and operate intelligent infrastructure and buildings capable of responding to the climate emergency and helping to achieve more balanced, sustainable and resilient territorial development. With operations in 120 countries, Egis places the expertise of its 16,500 employees at the disposal of its clients and develops cutting-edge innovation accessible to all projects. Through its wide-ranging fields of activity, the Group is a central player in the collective organisation of society and the living environment of citizens all over the world.

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TollPlus is an innovative and proven company providing a sophisticated end-to-end toll management solution that is scalable, lightweight, secure, and highly configurable to address the challenges of the electronic toll collection and mobility markets. Driven by passion to help our customers evolve and provide an enhanced customer experience, TollPlus’ marquee product ToP-BOS™, provides Back Office Systems (BOS) focused on accuracy and accountability while processing extremely high transaction volumes. Our BOS platform handles a “One Account” concept to facilitate Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and support various multimodal solutions. In a rapidly changing environment, TollPlus maintains a strong focus on technology and continuous R&D to offer world-class level products and services. These solutions are developed using trailblazing technologies that concentrate on significantly improving transportation agency efficiencies by reducing operating expenses and maximizing revenue – all while providing exceptional customer service to our global clients. TollPlus maintains offices in the United States, India, and Ireland.

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It is a challenge for Tolling Agencies and Authorities to meet increasing customer expectations while minimizing the impact of disruptions and ensuring revenue collection. Emovis works to address these opportunities and challenges. Part of Abertis Mobility Services, Emovis is one of the world's leading providers of toll-based mobility solutions. The company offers state-of-the-art solutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Canada and Qatar. With over 700 employees across 10 countries, Emovis is a long-term and reliable partner for Road Authorities and Highway Concessionaires. Among Emovis’ innovative solutions is our Road User Charging & Mileage Based User Fee Solution programs now live in the states of Utah, Oregon and Virginia.

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A-to-Be is a technology provider that develops and deploys advanced tolling and mobility solutions across the globe. Part of Brisa Group, A-to-Be has solutions operating in multiple states, countries and continents. For over 40 years, A-to-Be has provided leading end-to-end tolling solutions, including RUC. Today, we are enablers of integrated mobility experiences. With billions of annual transactions, we build innovative solutions, with exciting research lines. Our technologies drive mobility forward.

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G.E.A. has become a recognized leading company in the activity of Toll Collection Systems over the past years. Today, all French motorway companies use our equipment. More than 90% of the French toll lanes on the motorways operate G.E.A. systems and more than 12,000 G.E.A. lanes are in operation worldwide (38 countries). Our portfolio covers the full range of solutions including fully automatic, free-flow and video tolling as well as GEA PARK installation. G.E.A. has developed Electronic Toll Collection OBUs and antennas compliant with CEN DSRC standard and can integrate other RFID based equipment.

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A global leader in intelligent road traffic management solutions (ITS), Valerann is redefining modern mobility and roadway operations through enabling actionable, accurate and timely data-driven decision making. By using information from multiple disparate sources and leveraging sophisticated proprietary AI and computer vision algorithms, we extract value from Big Data delivering a clear and comprehensive vision of the entire road situation in real time. We provide roadway operators with bespoke insights and empower them to deliver on their objectives. Established in 2016, Valerann has offices in the UK, Israel, Spain and the US and is working with customers worldwide. Valerann is also collaborating with Openvia.

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Verra Mobility (NASDAQ: VRRM) is a leading provider of smart mobility technology solutions that make transportation safer, smarter and more connected. The company sits at the center of the mobility ecosystem, bringing together vehicles, hardware, software, data and people to enable safe, efficient solutions for customers globally. Verra Mobility’s transportation safety systems and parking management solutions protect lives, improve urban and motorway mobility and support healthier communities. The company also solves complex payment, utilization and compliance challenges for fleet owners and rental car companies. Headquartered in Arizona, Verra Mobility operates in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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