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ASECAP Days 2018

Speaker Guidelines

All the final presentations can be downloaded on the programme's page under each speaker's name

Thank you for agreeing to participate as a speaker at the 46th ASECAP Days 2018. View the updated conference programme. The following guidelines will provide you with important information and instructions to prepare your presentation.

Biography & Photo
Submit a photo and a short biography (brief summary) to Romina Conti ( The bio and photo will appear in the ASECAP Days website as a reference for attendees. The biography will also be used by your moderator for introduction. Please be sure your bio is in a complete sentence/summary format, not a resume format. Your moderator needs to be able to read or summarize your experience when introducing you.

With the submission of your personal data (short biography and photo) in our organization, you agree to publish your data on the materials and the website of the ASECAP Days 2018 Congress. Your data will be deleted after the annual ASECAP DAYS in 2019. In addition, during the ASECAP Days 2018, a professional photographer might take you pictures, during the congress and during your presentation. These photos will be published on the ASECAP Days website and the relevant Twitter account. You reserve the right to ask from the organizers not to publish your photos and your biography or to delete these materials after the publishing. After your request the organizers will remove the material within 24 hours.

ASECAP Days PowerPoint Template
A link to download the ASECAP Days PowerPoint template is below. The ASECAP Days template is not mandatory -- presenters are welcome to use their own company template but please do adhere to the requested slide size of Widescreen (16:9 ratio). If you wish to use the ASECAP Days logo on your template, it is available below.


• Biography submission: 11 May 2018
• PowerPoint presentation submission: 28 May 2018


PowerPoint Presentation: General Information
All FINAL PowerPoint Presentations in PowerPoint format should be submitted to Romina Conti by the requested deadline. Please adhere to the following requests:

- Please create your PowerPoint in a 16:9 Ratio template as this will be the ratio of the screens for display. In newer versions of PPT this is the default. Think widescreen TV rather than an old style TV.

- To clearly identify your presentation, please save it with your given & family name as part of the file name i.e. jane_smith.ppt;

- Please ensure your first slide is a title slide stating - your name, presentation title and affiliation.

- Use larger than normal fonts.

- Your Presentation should not exceed 10 minutes, unless specific instructions are given by your moderator.

- Video: All video or sound files should be submitted as separate files, some older versions of Power Point tend to lose video linkage once the files are moved from their original location.

- Always bring a backup of all files with you. 

- All presentations are converted to PDF and posted on the ASECAP Days website at the end of each session. Please notify Romina Conti if you would like to make adjustments.

- Arrive at the meeting room at least 30 minutes before the start of your session (not your talk) and introduce yourself as a speaker to the audiovisual technician and moderator(s) if needed. Please sit near the stage to ease the transition between talks.

The Speaker Room, named Banquet Room, will be located in the Grand Hotel Union. Presentations should be handed in here the day prior to your session between 6.00 and 06.30 pm., or at the very latest between 08:00 and 12:00 for an afternoon session the same day.

Due to strict time constraints between sessions it will not be possible to amend slides in the conference room. All speakers must ensure that any amendments are completed in the Speaker room prior to the start of their session.