The first day of discussions (Monday 27 May) will be marked by subsequent plenary sessions with a full day of expert presentations followed by questions and answers on subjects falling under the responsability of ASECAP's different Permanent Committees (COPERs). On the second half-day (Tuesday 28 May), the various developments in the EU road transport sector will be examined from a truly political angle.


27 May / Monday
Technical Day

Welcome address by:

K. Schierhackl, ASECAP President
K. Dionelis, ASECAP Secretary General
D. Gabelica, HUKA President
Z. Antesic, Croatian Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure (TBC)

  ASECAP cooperation with key partners
Implementation of Memorandum of Understanding between ASECAP and IBTTA: A joint tolling declaration

R. Horr, IBTTA 2013 President
K. Schierhackl, ASECAP President


Implementation of Memorandum of Understanding between ASECAP and the European GNSS Agency: Task Force on GNSS tolling applications

F. Diani, European GNSS Agency
K. Dionelis, ASECAP Secretary General

 Technical Session n° 1: Road safety, security and sustainability

Moderator: M. Seddi (ASFA), COPER II chair

Presentations on road safety, security and sustainability, followed by Q & A

C. Ebli (Autostrada del Brennero) - Safety management in the daily operating activities of A22: not just a concessionary duty
F. Ollier (AREA) -
Winter viability: an innovative alternative to sea salt
S. Rodríguez (Abertis autopistas Espana) - Role of tolled motorways in increased safety performance: how to integrate road safety in the operation of tolled motorways
B. Volk (DARS) - Implementation of Directive 2004/54/EC on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the Slovenian Motorway Network

Z. Denona - B. Huzjan & T. Matkovic (Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway PLC) - Impact of construction of Rijeka-Zagreb motorway as a dual carriageway to traffic safety imptovement
A. Hary (SANEF) - An energy positive exploitation building: the Reims A4 écopôle
C. Thomsen (Sund & Baelt) - Corporate Social responsibility in Sund & Baelt: an overview

  Technical Session n° 2: Intelligent Transport Systems

Moderator: M. Jandrisits (ASFINAG), COPER III chair

Presentations on ITS, followed by Q & A

M. Harrer (ASFINAG) - Are we ready for deployment of cooperative systems?
R. Arditi (SINA)
- EasyWay: Deployment Guidelines for the future implementation of technologies on the TERN
A. Fernandez-Wyttenbach (European GNSS Agency)
- Driving ITS innovation through GNSS
F. Pressi (Infoblu) - Floating Vehicle Data: the Infoblu solution for traffic monitoring
F. Rivey (SANEF) - Intelligent technologies for efficient management operations: what are the usages of Floating Car Data for a road operator
R. Veiga (Auto-Estradas do Atlântico) - The reality of Intelligent transport Systems on the APCAP network and its challenges

  Technical Session n° 3: Tolling and concessions

Moderator: B. de la Fuente (ASETA), COPER I chair

Presentations on tolling and concessions, followed by Q & A

M. Blum (Toll Collect) - Flexibility and quality in network extension and in toll enforcement
D. Galletta (Autostrade Tech)
- Homologation and certification in EcoTaxe: how to tailor an EFC system
C. Boutin
(ASFA) -
The adossement, an efficient tool for sustainable mobility
B. Rossi (SANEF) - Guaranteeing optimal toll collection for infrastructure financing: the example of the Port Mann bridge in Vancouver
T. Eidsheim (Norvegfinans)
- Analyses of cost levels and possible measures

S. Rasmussen (Sund & Baelt) & B. Datler (ASFINAG)
- Results and experiences of the implementation of EasyGO
R. Fando (Ferrovial) - SATELISETM: The future platform of mobile tolling is here
V. Potapov (Avtodor) - State  Company "Russian Highways": new associate ember of ASECAP
C. Santaleza (BINA ISTRA d.d.) - Automatic tolling on the Istrian Y Motorway

28 May / Tuesday
Political Day
  Plenary Session: Is the crisis over? Road tolling as a key factor
  for green mobility leading to sustainable growth - priorities & key messages

Moderator: K. Schierhackl (ASFINAG/ASECAP)
C. Economou, Deputy Head of Unit "Land Transport", DG MOVE, European Commission
D. Gabelica, HUKA President

  Stepwise implementation of the European Electronic System: REETS

Moderator: K. Dionelis, ASECAP Secretary-General

H. Resch (ASFINAG), Brief introduction on REETS project prepation: state of play

K. Schierhackl (ASFINAG), ASECAP President
C. Economou, Deputy Head of Unit "Land Transport", DG MOVE, European Commission

  Closing remarks and invitation to the 2014 ASECAP Days

K. Schierhackl, ASFINAG/ASECAP
A. Arnaoutis, TEO/ASECAP