The Technical Tour will take place on Wednesday 20 September after the closing session.
                                                               Focus of the visit is the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge And Northern Ring Motorway. 

                                                               Programme schedule:

                                                               13.30: Departure after the closing session (lunch box provided to the delegates who will make the technical tour)

                                                               14.30: Arrival at the ICA operation center 
                                                                          * Welcome coffee
                                                                          * Bridge and Highway General Introduction, Main Control Room Presentation
                                                                          * Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Technical Tour, including concrete and steel deck, anchor blocks, towers
                                                                          *  Asian Side Toll Collection Building Tour and Toll Collection Presentation
                                                                          * Asian Region Maintenance Tour

                                                               17.00: Bus transfer to airport /hotel