ASFA is the professional Association of motorways concessionaires and operators. ASFA represents its members, advocates for the concession model, initiates the exchange of experiences and coordinates common projects on behalf of its members. The association gathers 23 members operating more than 9 110 km of toll motorways, financed, built, maintained and operated according to the concession model: this scheme has proved a powerful and flexible tool that serves mobility and accessibility, and offers mobility as a service. ASFA members are strongly motivated to prepare the motorway of the next decades. In urban areas, fostered by digitalization, new mobility needs are emerging asking for new services: co-modality, carpooling, car sharing, long distance bus travelling, autonomous vehicles and many others still to be invented that will transform day-to-day mobility into seamless journeys... ASFA and its members strongly believe that infrastructure operators will be at the heart of this evolution that makes it necessary to move for new services to the customer.

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MATI Company is a French company established since 2000 in southern France. Our company specializes in the industrial monitoring and control system field.

Mr Felix Julien is the designer and conceptor of the MARKWAY device. The Markway was developped and is manufactured in our premises in France.

A few words to explain how came the idea of the Markway : while observing how highway operators have to lean out of their vans, while being so close to high moving vehicles, Julien Felix became aware of the risks they take every day : collision and even death.

Felix Julien used his industrial know-how to invent a unique device, which protects, saves lives and jobs, and which will change highway marking forever.

MARKWAY ® is a secure and economical cone transfer device for road marking.

Simple, versatile, stand-alone, the MARKWAY ® provides you with:

• More security : The operator works inside the vehicle;

• Improved working conditions : no exposure to hardship factors;

• Higher efficiency: 35 % time saving.

MARKWAY ® is a unique concept, it does not exist any similar device in the world. It has been awarded several times for its innovation.

I propose you to look at the video in order to understand how it works:

• It is a versatile simple device, easy to install and to use;

• It Adapts to any utility vehicle;

• It is energy independent;

• It uses all cones available on the market;

• There is no element in contact with the roadway.

MARKWAY ® was tested by the French Highway companies AREA and VINCI and is currently on trial tests for a longer period with both of them.

The tests conclusions are the following ones: “A Real innovation, workers safety is highly considered, no similar device existing on the market”.

After this trial period, ATMB (Autoroute et Tunnel du Mont Blanc), the French highway company, has purchased and is using the MarkWay since the 10th March 2017.

MARKWAY ®was honoured by the French Health Insurance Company in a press article for its innovating solutions to protect workers (30th November 2015).

We stay at your disposal during the ASECAP Days in order to give you some additional technical information.

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European GNSS: Galileo and EGNOS for next generation Road Charging

Nation-wide schemes based on Satellite Navigation are operational in Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland and Hungary –and under implementation in Belgium.

When applied to specific vehicle type in large road networks, or when tolling systems are extended to new road classes, the cost-benefit advantages of satellite navigation road charging are clear. Galileo constellation provides in full compatibility with GPS, increased availability in difficult environments, better accuracy and reliability, while EGNOS provides integrity information on GPS signals.

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Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the segments of toll collection, city access control and parking space management, traffic management, traffic monitoring, utility vehicle monitoring, electronic vehicle registration and V2X cooperative systems. The end-to-end solutions of Kapsch TrafficCom cover the entire value creation chain of its customers, from components and design to the installation and operation of systems, all from a single source. The core business comprises the development, installation and operation of electronic toll collection and traffic management systems. Kapsch TrafficCom is listed in the prime market of the Vienna Stock Exchange (ISIN AT000KAPSCH9). Reference projects in more than 50 countries on all continents have made Kapsch TrafficCom a globally recognized ITS provider. As part of the Kapsch Group, an Austrian family-owned technology group founded in 1892, Kapsch TrafficCom is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and has subsidiaries and branches in 33 countries. It has also been listed since 2007 on the Vienna Stock Exchange (KTCG) and earned revenues of EUR 526 million in the 2015/16 fiscal year. The company employs over 4,600 employees worldwide.

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InVision Consulting is an independent consulting and software systems provider for Road Operations. The company was the first to develop an integrated Motorway Business Analytics Suite helping operators improve efficiency and drive profitability. The software suite can work with any tolling or traffic system providing an overall insight into the business model with extensive reporting and automatic calculation of KPI’s. The company offers Operation Support Software Systems & Services:

• Incident Recording/Management software / Mobile Patrol
• Maintenance Planning/Monitoring/Mobile Auditing/Third party works coordination platform.
• Customer and Subscriber Call Centre software
• Mobile applications for motorway services using an exclusive GIS relational algorithm for exact positioning
• Consulting for Business Modeling/KPI’s, Revenue Strategy/Monitoring, Customer Analysis, Concession Support, Data Auditing and Survey Services.

Invision’s systems have received international awards (IBTTA Toll Excellence, IRF Global Award) and with experience of 200 Projects (including 10 ASECAP members) can support you in delivering Efficient Data Driven Operations.

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Optomachines, founded in 1999 in France, produces the BALISEUR, an efficient, safe and ergonomic solution for laying and retrieving road traffic cones.

The patented system, developed in partnership with Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR), consists of a motorised ramp and a patented toppling bar for easy cone retrieval.

The BALISEUR is adaptable to various vehicles and is available in 3 different configurations. It is in use in France and Switzerland with more than 12 systems running on motorway.

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G.E.A. has become a leading company in its core activity of Toll Collection Systems, since its creation in 1970.

Today, all French motorway companies use GEA equipment with more than 90% of toll lanes on French motorways operating G.E.A. equipment. More than 12,000 G.E.A. lanes have been put into operation worldwide. GEA now has installations in more than 36 countries.

G.E.A.'s product range includes Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines for entry lanes as well as Automatic Payment Machines and Manual Toll Terminals for exit lanes. G.E.A.'s expertise in Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) covers the full range of systems encountered across the world.

G.E.A.'s software expertise utilizes cutting-edge Information Technology techniques, where G.E.A. designs state of the art Plaza and Central Toll System solutions, featuring remote monitoring and control applications through the use of advanced data communication networks.

G.E.A. is also a renowned international provider of turnkey parking revenue collection solutions.

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World Highways is the leading international magazine for road planning, design, construction, financing and management. First published in 1991, World Highways offers Global, European and Emergent editions, and each issue includes exclusive information provided by the International Road Federation.

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ITS International is the leading international magazine for traffic management and urban mobility. It is the widest circulating, most requested and best read magazine in the ITS industry, covering the full range of surface transportation, including vehicular, mass transit & light rail.

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leStrade, the most authoritative Italian magazine for the technical information dedicated to transport infrastructures, in almost-120-year history, has consolidated its role as communication tool of the main Institutions, starting with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the National Road Body (ANAS) and the Italian Association of Motorways Concessionaires (AISCAT). leStrade - published by La Fiaccola - proposes dossiers dealing with Tunnels and Bridges. The other sections are: Infrastructures & Mobility, Maintenance & Innovation, Materials & Technologies, Machinery & Equipment.

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In 2016 Thinking Highways celebrated its 10th anniversary as the intelligent choice in advanced traffic management and ITS magazines. Its innovative approach to providing an unbiased voice for the industry, together with its consistent editorial team and strong branding, has seen the magazine become the most influential publication in the marketplace, read by almost 17,000 transport professionals worldwide. Thinking Highways’ roster of publications includes Thinking Cities, the Connected series of supplements and Tolling Review.

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The Revue Générale des Routes et de l'Aménagement, a reference technical publisher for the stakeholders who are active in the transport infrastructure domain, offers the following services:

· Breaking news (« Les dépêches ») : daily email blasts reporting on the latest pieces of news from the transport sector
· The RGRA magazine: 9 issues per year. It has a current circulation of 15,000 copies in more than 50 countries
· Publication of reference books on road construction history and techniques

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A Tour of the Exhibition area
After the great success at the 2016 ASECAP Days in Madrid, a visit of the exhibition area will be organised again this year during the 2017 ASECAP Days in Paris. It shall take place on Monday 29 May 2017 from 19.30 to 20.30 just before the Welcome Reception. This tour shall be a not-to-be-missed-out opportunity for exhibitors to meet with potential and prospective customers. Face-to-face interaction is of paramount importance to your business activity and exhibiting at the ASECAP Days can be an integral and effective part of your sales and marketing strategy.

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