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European GNSS: Galileo and EGNOS for next generation Road Charging
Nation-wide schemes based on Satellite Navigation are operational in Germany and Slovakia and under implementation in France and Belgium, offering innovative flexibility for large and free-flow tolling domains.
When applied to specific vehicle type in large road networks, or when tolling systems are extended to new road classes, the cost-benefit advantages of satellite navigation road charging are clear.
Galileo constellation provides for free and in full compatibility with GPS, increased availability in difficult environments, better accuracy and reliability. In addition, EGNOS provides integrity information on GPS signals.

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Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the application fields of road user charging, urban access and parking, road safety enforcement, commercial vehicle operations, electronic vehicle registration, traffic management and V2X cooperative systems. Kapsch TrafficCom covers with end-to-end solutions the entire value creation chain of its customers as a one-stop shop, from components and subsystems to their integration and operation. The solutions of Kapsch TrafficCom help to provide funding for infrastructure projects, to increase traffic safety, to optimize traffic flow, and to reduce environmental pollution from traffic. The core business is to design, build and operate electronic toll collection systems for multi-lane free-flow traffic. References in 43 countries on all continents make Kapsch TrafficCom a recognized supplier of electronic toll collection worldwide. As part of the Kapsch Group, a family-owned Austrian technology group founded in 1892, Kapsch TrafficCom, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has subsidiaries and representative offices in 33 countries, has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange (KTCG) since 2007, and generated with more than 3,000 employees, revenues of EUR 488.9 million in fiscal year 2012/13.

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Toll Collect operates the world's first satellite-based toll system. It collects road usage charges based on number of axles and emission class for trucks weighing 12 tonnes or more on 14 000 km motorways and selected trunk roads in Germany.
Since 2005, the reliable operation secured more than 35 billion Euros for the German federal budget. Since 2011, with Toll2Go, the German Hybrid OBU collects also tolls in Austria for Asfinag (DSRC technology). About 150,000 companies from 41 countries and 1 million vehicles are registered with Toll Collect. Toll Collect GmbH shareholders include Daimler Financial Services AG, Deutsche Telekom AG and Cofiroute SA.

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DBA Lab SpA develops Process Automation software platforms for Project, Asset and Lifecycle Management, providing Information and Communications Technology consulting services in the public works and infrastructure sector. DBA Lab ITS sector is engaged in the integration of telematics with transportation engineering for the planning, design, operation, maintenance and management of transportation systems. The sector responded to the need for a modern, efficient, safe and of low environmental impact system with the design and subsequent testing of integrated solutions for motorway toll collection, dealing not only with the toll collection itself but facing all other related aspects (i.e. automation and control systems; data transmission systems; energy and backup systems; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; civil works, etc.).

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The Siemens Business Segment Electronic Tolling in Vienna provides solutions for satellite based tolling for city and road tolling. Siemens has proven in projects like Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, as well as in our ongoing project in France to be an expert integrator in all forms of road user charging technology and to deliver up to date cost effective tolling solutions based on GSM and GPS. Siemens specially focuses on the development of On Board Units, which are installed in vehicles and where until now four generations of that key component where developed in Vienna. Additionally Siemens offers complete enforcement solutions.

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G.E.A. is a leading company in its core activity of Toll Collection Systems. Every French motorway companies use our equipment. More than 85% of the French toll lanes on the motorways operate G.E.A. systems and more than 12,000 G.E.A. lanes are in operation worldwide, in more than 36 countries.
The range of G.E.A.'s products covers Automatic Ticket Machines for entry lanes, Magnetic Card Machines, Manual Toll Terminals and fully automated toll plaza solutions. G.E.A.'s expertise in Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) covers the full range of systems encountered across the world.

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SANEF ITS is a leading international player in the tolling industry. The company has wide experience in designing, integrating and operating state-of-the-art toll systems that optimize revenue collection for authorities.

From implementing to operating the most advanced Free Flow and Back Office systems, SANEF ITS strongly believes that performing, convenient and fair systems are a first step toward user satisfaction and success of transportation projects. Supported by SANEF group, a leading operator and toll roads concessionaire, SANEF ITS is certainly the only player to address all tolling schemes and technologies including the capacity to operate with the highest rates of customer satisfaction and revenue collection.

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Thinking Highways, launched in 2006, is the intelligent choice in advanced traffic management and ITS magazines. Its innovative approach to providing an unbiased voice for the industry, together with its consistent editorial team and strong branding, has seen the magazine become the most influential publication in the marketplace, read by almost 20,000 transport professionals worldwide.

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Coverage of the ASECAP Days by Thinking Highways:

Thinking Highways
’ editor Kevin Borras reported from the 42nd Annual ASECAP Study and Information Days from Athens. Kevin caugt up with some of the industry’s leading personalities in two podcasts.

Podcast 1 : click here  to listen to it.

In this podcast, Kevin talked to:

  • Alexis Zass, GEA
  • Pedro Bento, Q-Free
  • Pat Jones, IBTTA
  • Raffaele de Bettin, DBA Lab
  • Outgoing ASECAP president Jean Mesqui, ASFA

Podcast 2 : click here  to listen to it:

Kevin spoke to:

  • Maurizio Rotondo, AISCAT
  • Christoph Wondracek, Siemens
  • Antonio Politano, DBA Lab
  • Josef Czako, Kapsch



 Le Strade

leStrade, the most authoritative Italian magazine for the technical information dedicated to transport infrastructures, in over-100-year history has consolidated its role as communication tool of the main Institutions, starting with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the National Road Body (ANAS) and the Italian Association of Motorways Concessionaires (AISCAT). leStrade - published by La Fiaccola - proposes dossiers dealing with Tunnels and Bridges. The other sections are: Infrastructures & Mobility, Materials & Technologies, Machinery & Equipment.

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ITS International is the leading international magazine for traffic management and urban mobility. It is the widest circulating, most requested and best read magazine in the ITS industry, covering the full range of surface transportation, including vehicular, mass transit & light rail.

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World Highways is the leading international magazine for road planning, design, construction, financing and management. First published in 1991, World Highways offers Global, European and Emergent editions, and each issue includes exclusive information provided by the International Road Federation.