The first day of discussions (Monday 27 May) was marked by subsequent plenary sessions with a full day of expert presentations followed by questions and answers on subjects falling under the responsability of ASECAP's different Permanent Committees (COPERs). On the second half-day (Tuesday 28 May), the various developments in the EU road transport sector were examined from a truly political angle.

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26 May /Monday

  Registration and distribution of congress papers

ASECAP Steering Committee and General Assembly - ASECAP Members only



27 May /Tuesday

  Registration and distribution of congress papers

Opening remarks by K. Dionelis, ASECAP Secretary-General

Welcoming remarks
J. Mesqui, ASECAP President 
P. Savaidis, EGNATIA ODOS SA President
M. Heiligenstein, IBTTA 2014 President - Watch the video on Austin 2014


  Technical session n° 1: tolling and concessions: What lies ahead? (Watch the video)

Moderator: B. de la Fuente (SEOPAN), COPER I chair, introducing COPER I activities, followed by Q & A

- A. Bonet (ABERTIS) - Agreement based on existing toll contracts to improve mobility
J. Ceia (Auto-Estradas do Atlâ ntico) - Tolling: A journey along with technology 
K. Koutsoukos (EGNATIA ODOS SA) - A tollway from the past to the future 
B. M. Halkias (Attikes Diadromes SA) - Innovation in Toll Road Concessions: building on the success of Attica Tollway, in Athens, Greece
A. F. Wyttenbach (GSA) - The GNSS and its development within the tolling domain

  Technical Session n° 2:  Road safety & security: key aspects of a sustainable   transport system
(watch the video)

Moderator: M. Seddi (ASFA), COPER II chair, introducing COPER II activities, followed by Q & A

L. Grosso (Autostrade per l'Italia) - 1999-2013: Fifteen years of continuous congestion reduction and road safety enhancement
P. Pinto (Euroscut Algarve) - Mobile enforcement at free flow toll schemes based on tablets computers
C. Allard (SANEF) - The SANEF observatory of motorway behavior
M. Gam (ASFINAG Service GmbH) - ASFINAG Traffic Manager - Improving road safety and traffic management in the Vienna metropolitant area 
P. Papanikolas (Gefyra S.A.) - Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge - Safety and sustainability by preserving the asset 
J. Sajovic (DARS d.d.) - Lay-bys and protection against lateral obstacles - Situation in Slovenia 
(click here to download the video)
M. Hansen (Sund&Baelt A/S) - Integrating sustainability and CSR into the core business

  Technical Session n° 3: Deploying ITS in the real market world (watch the video)

Moderator: M. Rotondo (AISCAT), introducing COPER III activities, followed by Q & A

F. Diani (GSA) – Cooperation ASECAP-GSA: First reflections on potential GNSS applications for tolling
M. C. Ebli (Autostrada del Brennero) - DRIVE C2X - A22(Watch the video)
L. Giacalone (Autostrade Tech) - Speed control systems: an overview of recent technical evolution
A. Journé (SANEF) - Electromobility: today and tomorrow
B. Datler (ASFINAG) - VAO: Providing services instead of data - The Austrian way for intermodal traffic information
K. Papandreou (Olympia Odos Litourgia S.A.) - Greek interoperable tolling systems - Lessons learned by the implementation and 1st year of Operation of ETC interoperability in 5 Concessions in Greece
K. Feix (KAPSCH CZ) - Weighing in Motion (WiM) in CZ ETS
A. Cerino (INFOBLU) - Smart mobility Platform: Innovative solutions for Traffic Management


 ASECAP on Tolling Marketing and a new environment of innovating tolling services:   Three ASECAP cases (Watch the video)

Moderator: E. Stocchi (AISCAT)

•    L. D'Eça Pinheiro (BRISA) - Digital & Motorways   
•    C. Andersen (Sund & Baelt) - How the Great Belt Link uses social media in marketing strategy
(Watch the video) 
•    Z. Kwiatkowska (Autostrada Wielkopolska SA) - AWSA social and educational campaigns
(Watch the video 1and2)



28 May / Wednesday

  Registration and distribution of congress papers


K. Dionelis, ASECAP Secretary-General

Keynote Speech

S. Simopoulos, Greek Secretary General of Public Works

  Plenary Session: The Concession model as key instrument to finance and develop an efficient sustainable infrastructure network (Watch the video)

Moderator: K. Dionelis, ASECAP Secretary-General

C. Boutin (ASFA) - ASECAP Study on Concession

•    L. Rozanski, European Commission, DG MARKT
•    G. Chetrit,  European Investment Bank (EIB)  
•    E. Stocchi, AISCAT 
•    S. Pantelias, Greek Representative 
•    B. de la Fuente, SEOPAN

  Electronic tolling interoperability in the EU: REETS project (Watch the video)

Moderator: H. Resch & K. Dionelis, REETS Coordination team

Introductory Technical Part (1 hour): Mr Resch will introduce the technicalities of the project and will invite the different WP leaders to provide their perspective on each work package

•    Valérie Dumerc, ASFA, WP I Leader, WP I overview
•    Maurizio Rotondo, AISCAT, WP II overview
•    Joan Marti, ABERTIS AUTOPISTAS, WP III Leader, WP III overview
•    Paolo Giorgi, AISCAT, WP IV Leader, WP IV overview
•    Eva Tzoneva, AETIS/SHELL - "Looking forward: key factors for a successful implementation"

Mr. Resch will conclude by explaining the current evaluation report of the REETS Project

Building the path for the ETC interoperability - Success stories 
•    Interoperability with Austria and Northern countries - K. Schierhackl, CFO of    ASFINAG, together with S. Rasmussen, Representative of Sund&Baelt
•    Interoperability between Spain and Portugal - F. Represa, ITINERE, together with J. CeiaAuto-Estradas do Atlântico
•    Closing remarks, J. Szulczyk European Commission (DG MOVE)

  Closing remarks and invitation to the 2015 ASECAP Days (Watch the video)

J. Mesqui, ASECAP President

Ø. Halleraker, incoming ASECAP President

J. Braga, President of APCAP, host of the 2015 ASECAP Days - Watch the video of the 2015 ASECAP Days